Glancing Across Huge Plains

A Wilderness of MirrorsA Wilderness of Mirrors
Trusting Again in a Cynical World
by Mark Meynell

Available from Ten Of Those

The Bible is a book that exposes a man’s sin.  ‘A Wilderness of Mirrors’ is a book that exposes a man’s ignorance.  Or a woman’s, or let’s be honest here…mine.

This book is a tour de force of political, historical and sociological research which bravely tackles the issue of broken trust in a cynical world and presents the gospel’s answer to our deepest intellectual and emotional struggles.

Mark Meynell has a first class Oxbridge mind, so first class in fact that bears of very little brain may get lost amidst the dense forest of references, quotations and allusions.  Nevertheless, the central message about trust, broken and rebuilt, is compelling because it is honestly framed by the writer’s own personal experience – a profoundly moving section which I wished had been developed further.

If you, like Old Testament scholar Christopher Wright, wish to make ‘intellectual and explanatory sense of the world we live in’ then this book is for you.

If you want to know why a culture of suspicion has grown out of the last century and what its social consequences have been, then this book is for you.

If you want a refreshing and attractive presentation of the gospel’s solution to the human condition in its current manifestation, then this book is for you.

However, if ‘thus’ clauses or long words bother you, as they bothered Pooh Bear, then you need to be prepared to be liberally peppered and may want to read the book with a pencil in hand and a dictionary by your side.  A good dictionary.

But do read it.  Written in academically mellifluous prose, it’s an education in 200 pages which the writer self-deprecatingly describes as a ‘cursory glance across huge plains’ and which he attributes largely to the giants from whom he has learned.  He is far too modest.


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