Thank you for visiting roquesreviews!  This is where I share what I’ve been reading and the thoughts I’m forming around the marriage of two subjects close to my heart:  Christianity and the Arts.  I’ve been blogging for about a year and am very much feeling my way so do comment constructively and share your thoughts.  I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve a background in English literature and teaching and am now a full-time wife and mother and embryo writer, or what Tim Challies has called a ‘plodding blogger‘.  Currently I’m posting quite erratically whilst I prioritise looking after the family.

I grew up in a household where all things cultural were held in high regard.  I was converted at University and sadly was led astray by some over-zealous contemporaries who taught that secular literature, music, films and other related pursuits were categorically ‘unhelpful’.  Over the years, I’ve been learning that it’s crucially important for Christians to engage (discerningly) with culture and that in fact, an appreciation of the Arts can wonderfully enhance one’s walk with the Lord.

I’m passionate about sharing this discovery.



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