‘The most reluctant convert in all England’

999999C.S. Lewis – A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet
by Alistair McGrath

Reviews of this most recent biography of C S Lewis published early in 2013 abound, so why bother reading another? Because this is not a review in the typical sense but rather an overview, such as one might share with a friend, accompanied by some personal comments on how  the book impacted my own thinking.

Given that Alistair McGrath is at times critical of A.N.Wilson’s own 1990 biography of C.S. Lewis, it is striking that the front cover of the new edition includes this deferential comment from the earlier biographer: ‘There have been plenty of biographies of Lewis…but I do not think there has been a better one than Alistair McGrath’s.’  What humility!  I’ve not read A N Wilson’s biography but I wholeheartedly agree with his verdict on McGrath’s.

Tim Keller is also spot on when he says that the book is ‘filled with information based on extensive scholarship but is nonetheless extremely readable’.  It is exactly that.  In fact, I could hardly put it down.  But this was perhaps due to the fact that in this biography, I finally found that the two worlds that I love, literature and Christianity could be happily reconciled instead of fighting with one another as they have done in my mind since my own reluctant conversion at university. Continue reading